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What’s In Your Cup? Straws, Staining, Tooth Decay And More…

Starbucks coffee no straws
Aug 01 2018

What’s In Your Cup? Straws, Staining, Tooth Decay And More…

Did anyone else hear about Starbucks’ plan to remove all straws by 2020? And now many cities in California have actually made it illegal to use plastic straws as well. By then, we might be drinking our delicious caffeinated beverages from sippy cups.


While we understand the negative effect straws can have on the environment, we also must consider the positive effects that straws can have on our teeth.

Straws allow your drinks to bypass your teeth. This means that those dark beverages that stain your teeth, simply pass right on by! Staining isn’t the only problem with most beverages. Without taking you all the way back to high school science, let’s touch on acidity. An acidic environment in your mouth will weaken your teeth and can lead to tooth decay. If you drink with a straw – again, those liquids bypass your teeth and will be less likely to affect your teeth.



Plastic straw bans have also been criticized by some advocates and people with disabilities.

“It’s as if people who rely on straws — older adults, children, and disabled people — don’t matter and that our needs are less important than the environment,” Alice Wong, founder and director of the Disability Visibility Project, wrote for “I feel erased by these attitudes.”


We commend Starbucks for making a change to help the environment. However, it’s no doubt that straws are handy to have around. In the car, on a walk, at the gym or yes, if you are disabled. Luckily, necessity is the mother of invention- so now there is mother nature approved options! Check out the following link for a re-usable option!


Are you in favor of banning plastic straws or do you think it sucks? (pun intended- had to make a straw joke) Let us know how you feel about it.


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