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Want whiter looking teeth? Try the lipstick fix…

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Nov 30 2016

Want whiter looking teeth? Try the lipstick fix…

Hey, ladies! Looking to make your teeth appear whiter without all those fancy toothpastes and gels? There really is a simple, fun, and inexpensive way to achieve this! Indeed, wearing dark lipstick will do the job! Blue undertones in your shade of lip color will make your teeth look brighter according to ELLE. Burgundy, plum, and dark red are all colors that are sure to make your teeth pop (and your style!)


Think back to science class (I know, I know). Basically blue sits opposite to orange and yellow on the color wheel, which means these two colors tend to cancel each other out when paired together. This means that those lipsticks with the blue undertones will make those dingy yellow stains appear less noticeable.  Thank you science!


Now don’t panic! You do not have to wear blue lipstick! You just need to wear colors with blue undertones in them. These are the dark cherry, burgundy, and plum colors we mentioned.


Some of our favorite shades that will help you achieve this look, include “Black Honey” by Clinique and “True Red” by Loreal Paris along with Dr. Shick’s personal favorite: “Plum Scene” by Smashbox. (You can find some of these shades and many more at


Though this is only a temporary fix, if you would like permanently whiter teeth, there are many options we can provide for you! For more information, call Above and Beyond Dentistry at 815-398-6545.

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Kit Cline
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