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The Keto Craze

Keto Diet Above and Beyond Dentistry
Sep 27 2018

The Keto Craze

There’s a new food craze on the block. It’s called the Keto diet. The goal of this diet is: summed up, low carb, high fat. That means more seafood, steak and avocados and fewer beans and fruits. In fact, in order for it to be considered a real Keto diet, carbs can only make up 5% of your daily meal. Seems pretty difficult, right? Or would that be easy for you? With anything new that comes along, there will be some speculation. Is it good for your body? What about your teeth?


Low carbs equal low sugar, which means you may actually have less of a chance of developing cavities. While cavity reduction is not confirmed, one thing is for sure, bacteria in your mouth love sugar and even thrive on it. The more sugar you consume, the more cavity-causing acid the bacteria produce. While this may not seem like the most ground-breaking news you have ever heard, think about this: cavities can be expensive (and are no fun to deal with).


There is one negative effect we know of that doesn’t sound pleasing. It’s called Keto Breath. This is pretty much what it sounds like: an unpleasant but temporary smell and taste in your mouth. Though this may make you want to give up, there are ways to help lessen and prevent this issue, such as chewing gum or using mouthwash.


There are ups and downs to every food craze, and the Keto diet is no exception.  If you are a fish lover, this may be the thing for you but if you are a bread and pasta lover, it may not. While it is not proven that the Keto diet positively affects your teeth, decreasing your intake of sugar is never a bad thing.


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