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Show Your Teeth Some Love!

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Jan 16 2019

Show Your Teeth Some Love!

At Above and Beyond Dentistry, we want you to have a happy, healthy mouth. We all love to indulge from time to time (hello Nothing Bundt Cakes), but there are some easy steps you can take to keep your teeth healthier. Here are 5 easy swaps to improve your daily routine.



1. Gum with Xylitol instead of sugar: – Blowing bubbles are more fun with a mouthful of Hubba Bubba, but it’s time to say goodbye to all that sugar. Although sugar-free gum is a better substitute, an even better alternative is gum with xylitol. This sugar substitute actually fights plaque, which your teeth love. We recommend Dr. Johns. It’s our favorite!



2. Choose chocolate over sugary candies: Everybody loves to “taste the rainbow”, but sticky candy can cause all sorts of problems when left between your teeth. We recommend a nice piece of dark chocolate instead. Dark chocolate actually provides many health benefits. If you are going to indulge in chewy, sweet treats, make sure to rinse with water and floss. (We recommend our favorite Cocofloss)



3. Real fruit instead of dried fruits: If you’re eating dried fruit, you may feel it is a healthy alternative to sugary treats, but the truth is that even without all those added sugars, dried fruits still have a high amount of it. The harmful bacteria in our mouth actually feeds on sugar. Adding insult to injury, dried fruits will often get stuck between your teeth as well, inviting even more bacteria to the party. Your best bet is to skip the dried fruit and opt for fresh fruit instead.



4. Swap whole wheat bread for white bread: Next time you are walking down the grocery bread aisle, think of this; when you chew bread, your saliva actually breaks down the starches into sugar. This transforms into an almost paste-like texture that can stick between your teeth, and as we know, that can cause cavities. We recommend you opt for a different variety, like whole wheat bread that has less added sugars and isn’t as easily broken down in the mouth.



5. Grab a bottle of sparkling water over a soda: When you drink a can of pop, the sugar combines with the bacteria in your teeth that actually form an acid. This can lead to cavities and even wear out the enamel on your teeth. Opting for diet pop is not a better choice. Instead, we recommend trying a refreshing bottle of sparkling water. They come in a variety of flavors and are sugar-free!




A balanced diet that includes vitamins & calcium & avoids excessive amounts of sugar, alcohol, or diet sodas will help keep your smile happy & healthy. If you have any questions about which food choices may help or hurt your teeth, feel free to ask us during your next visit at Above and Beyond Dentistry. You can call as at 815.398.6545 or visit us on the web at


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