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Dental Anxiety? – Make It A Thing Of The Past

Above and Beyond Dentistry Dental Anxiety
Jan 30 2019

Dental Anxiety? – Make It A Thing Of The Past

Going to the dentist can be pretty nerve-wracking for some people. We can all relate to the goosebumps you get when you sit down in the dental chair, but did you know that going to the dentist isn’t really all that scary? At Above and Beyond  Dentistry, we have a lot of options to help ease dental anxiety. There are also some simple and effective things you can do to help calm those fears.


It is always helpful to have a support system, especially when you are nervous about something. Consider taking someone with you to the dentist, such as a friend or a family member, to talk you through the process and keep you calm. We also offer aromatherapy that helps provide a relaxing environment. Our favorites are eucalyptus, lavender and wild orange.

                                                                                        Above and Beyond Dentistry Aromatherapy

Many people simply fear the sound of the dental drill which scares them away from making appointments. Just ask for our noise canceling headphones and put on some of your favorite tunes. You won’t hear a thing! Music is known to easily de-stress the body.

                                                                                   Above and Beyond Dentistry Headphones

One of the best ways to stay calm in the chair is to distract yourself. While it may seem difficult, doing little things may help take away from your overall fear. Try things like counting down from one hundred or tapping your thumbs. It’s all about finding what calms your nerves the most. You can always try our satin eye pillow with an aromatic blend of herbs that will open your sinuses and take you to a dreamland. We also offer plush blankets and warm neck pillows!


                                     Above and Beyond Dentistry Eye Pillow       Above and Beyond Dentsitry Plush Blankets     Above and Beyond Dentistry NeckEase Pillow

Communication helps. Don’t be afraid to talk to your dentist. If you are nervous, you should tell them about it, so they can help in any way possible (our staff definitely will). Many people are afraid of the dentist and we understand what you are going through. At our office, you will feel comfortable, safe, and maybe even excited due to our wonderful staff and welcoming office.   




If you have any questions, please call us at 815-398-6545 or contact us on the web at

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