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5 Ways Smiling Will Make Your Life Better

Jul 26 2017

5 Ways Smiling Will Make Your Life Better

Did you know that we start smiling before we are born? Most newborns don’t start smiling regularly until they are about 6 weeks old, but you will see many ultrasounds that show a hint of a smile on your unborn baby. Tooth buds can actually start forming as early as 8 weeks during gestation. This shows that the smile is an essential part of life from almost the beginning. There are many reasons that smiling is just plain good for you and for those around you. Here are a few reasons why:


Smiling makes you look younger. It takes 46 muscles to frown and only 17 to smileSmiling lifts the muscles of the face and makes your cheeks rounder. The skin then looks tauter, instantly making you look younger. Grab a mirror and take a look. It’s almost like an instant face lift!


Smiling can actually help you live longer. It’s not just about fighting off a runny nose. A study from London University College stated that happy, cheerful people are 35% more likely to live longer. Smiling lowers the heart rate and reduces blood pressure while relaxing your body. Researchers from Wayne State University, Michigan looked at 230 pictures of major league baseball players from 1952. They found that the biggest grinners lived to an average of 79.9 years, while their straight-faced peers reached just 72.9 years on average. That’s 7 years longer!


Smiling relieves stress.  Feeling pressure to get things done? Having a bad day?  Well, forget about it and smile. It’s the best way to reduce stress in tough situations. Even if you don’t feel like it, forcing a smile is still enough to lift your mood. What happens is that it sends signals to your brain and tricks it into thinking you’re actually feeling good.


Smiling can boost your career. Facial impressions have a huge impact on both first and future impressions. People who smile are more likely to be remembered and recognized by employers and clients/customers. A smile simply makes you more approachable which can lead to more success in social and professional settings. Studies also show that people who smile are considered more trustworthy.


Smiling really is contagious.  Theodore Wilhelm Engstrom once said, “a smile breads a smile”.  Have you ever noticed that if someone greets you with a smile, it is pretty hard not to smile back? Our brains are wired to reflect the mood and emotions of those around us. Be the person who spreads joy and not misery.


So are you smiling yet? We sure hope so. At Above and Beyond Dentistry, we want to know what makes you smile. Call us at 815.398.6545 to set up an appointment or visit us on the web at


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