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5 Things To Do In Rockford

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Sep 05 2018

5 Things To Do In Rockford

Rockford truly is a beautiful city with so many things to do. We know there are simply too many to list, so we figured we would just start with our top 5. If you are looking for something family friendly to do this weekend, check one of these awesome places out! 


Discovery Center Museum


The Discovery Center is the perfect place to take your children for a fun day of learning. Who knew those two words could be in the same sentence, but it’s true! Throughout two different floors, children can learn about all kinds of different sciences through over 300 different interactive exhibits. If you have not taken your kids here yet, it is a definite must.


Anderson Japanese Gardens


There are no words that will describe the beauty of this incredible place. Walking through it, you will see an array of colors and plants that will make your jaw drop. With its waterfalls perhaps being the showstopper of the gardens, it is the perfect way to take advantage of a beautiful day.


Coronado Performing Arts Center


The Coronado Theater is the perfect place to go if you are looking for an array of concerts or plays to enjoy. It is rich with history and exquisite architecture. It originally opened in 1927  and has housed such talents as Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, and Bob Hope. You can see everything from the ballet to Romeo and Juliet, to REO Speedwagon. Whatever you choose, it ensures a good time.


Sinnissippi Park


Sinnissippi Park is located along the Rock River at The Nicholas Conservatory. There are beautiful rose gardens that distinguish it from other places. You can take the most relaxing walk down the river. Make sure to check out the Sinnissippi Station Garden Train Exhibit coming back for the holidays! Be transported to a magical miniature world as six G-scale trains and trolleys run down, around, and above you – all in the lush tropical setting of the Nicholas Conservatory. Miniature Rockford landmarks and willow trestle bridges add to the enchanting ambiance. Sinnissippi Station Garden Train Exhibit was established through a grant from the Nicholas Family Foundation.




LimeBikes are the best way to see the city of Rockford at its finest. For just a $1 every 30 minutes, these GPS enabled bikes can be picked up easily at bike-racks around the city. When finished, simply follow the directions to drop the bike off and lock it back up. Just download the app and enjoy! We recommend riding them down by the river when you  visit t the Nicholas Gardens


If you have any questions, please call us at 815-398-6545 or connect with us online at any of your favorite places!
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